Ways To Get Scandinavian Bedroom Look For Your HDB Home

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October 19, 2017

Ways To Get Scandinavian Bedroom Look For Your HDB Home

As of this year, Singapore can’t get enough of Scandinavian design interiors, our fondness for Scandinavia’s natural finish and space functionality appeal popularly for our HDBs. To get that signature Scandinavian vibe, here’s how you can do so.

1. More sunlight isn’t always more

Scandinavian homes do not have the tropic sunny weather that Singapore does. Having the 9 AM sun blazing through your bedroom windows will make the appearance look harsher, in turn, which will make the room look bare. In order to prevent such from happening on our sunny island, the presence of curtains can act as a protective filter to alleviate the sun to project a smooth and warm glimmering light.

Singapore’s tropical sunbeams are stifling, so a tip to take note is to get sheer and blackout curtains for your homes in order to get rid of those harsh sunray beams. Just imagine, if you do not want to go out in the afternoon sun without an umbrella or apply some sunblock, would you not want the same for your own home?

2. White, pale grey and accents of black are your best friends

If you yearn for a serene and calming bedroom, having a visually calming array of white, grey and black accents draw a distinction with the warm colors affected by the potted greenery by your bed stand.

Here, grey keeps your interior cool without shrinking away from the minimalist and calming Scandinavian feel. This means you can include other color accents to give the room some color instead of having those snow bleached walls. Having an all-white bedroom contrasts seamlessly against the standard black metallic window frames in your HDB apartment.

3. Lining your home with traces of a plant kingdom

Singapore is classified as a tropical rainforest climate. Having that potted basil plant or cacti bring benefits such as reducing heat and sprucing up those Scandinavian homes with color. Nothing screams louder more Scandinavian décor other from wooden interior flooring and incorporating greenery.
Wooden flooring laminates bring out the warmth in tropic countries lying near the equator. Unlike homes in Scandinavia which warm interiors optically as they are located away from the equator towards the hemisphere. Little lush green accents also bring out the appeal on your bedroom and foil the heat-trapping of wooden flooring.

4. Soften the cool palette with wooden furniture

To achieve the simplicity, beauty and flawless craftsmanship in Scandinavian interior design, you will need clean functional wooden furniture. And when there is wood involved, our preference is to choose lighter tones for a more natural rustic finish.

Choose simple wooden furniture with lighter tones for a more natural Scandinavian look to incorporate a livelier and eco-friendly feel for your home.


What’s your fantasy bedroom? Let us know in the comments below if you’re looking for a particular look or what you’d like to read more about!