Guide To Leather Furniture

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Guide To Leather Furniture

For furniture lovers who are looking for furniture with lasting quality, leather is one of the materials that meet the requirement of being durable and colorful.  It is also a sound investment considering the average lifespan of the material.

There is a popular belief that leather furniture is only for the wealthy and rich, but this is not true, the prices of leather furniture are becoming more affordable for the masses. Another popular misconception about leather furniture is that they are more susceptible to damage by children and pets compared to other materials.

This is far from the truth as leather furniture are just as if not more durable compared to other fabrics. Just do not allow your pets to bite or use your furniture as a scratching post.

Features of Leather

Leather is sustainable, and they wear in instead of wear out, leather outlasts other fabrics as they are tear resistant, fire resistant and release no toxic fumes even under extreme heat. Modern full leather will not peel or crack.

Premium leather will last for a long time retaining its structure attributes without deforming. Leather resists sun damage. Maintenance of leather furniture is usually easy, requiring no expensive procedures and cleaners.

Types of Leather for Furniture

Two common types of leather are full grain leather and corrected leather. Full grain leather is processed from the top of the animal hide without being buffed or sanded. Corrected leather has its surface texture altered by the sanding and buffing process. Full grain leather is usually more beautiful and of higher quality than corrected grain leather and is more valuable.

Another leather is bonded leather which is made of leather pieces glued together, bonded leather does not have the ability to stretch like full grain leather but the upside is its ability to resist staining. It is less durable than full grain leather and therefore less expensive.

Split leather is another type of leather that is taken from the lower layer of the animal hide, it is somewhat less durable and stiffer than full grain leather and corrected leather. It usually used by backs of office chairs and seats that do not need to be flexible.