3 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Room Look Bigger

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October 19, 2017
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March 3, 2018

3 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Room Look Bigger

Houses in Singapore has been getting smaller. HDB has since then focused on improving the flat design in order to make your home appear bigger. That’s their responsibility, while home owners have a responsibility to ensure that their home furnishing choices do not end up cramping their precious space.

So if you are one of them facing the headache of furniture selection, let us help you with 3 brilliant ways on how you can make your room look “bigger’!

1. Get furniture with a suitable design

Avoid getting many independent furniture just to fill up the slots of your living room. For example, instead of getting 2 sofas to accommodate more people, why not get an L shaped sofa?

2. Get furniture which are multi-functional

Multi-functional and modern furniture are becoming highly sought after, as who doesn’t like their furniture to be interesting? Imagine having a bed which converts into a desk at will, or a bed which houses a storage space beneath.

3. Utilize the upper half space of your room.

See that empty area near above your bed? Use it! Instead of placing a shelf beside your bed or somewhere else rooted on the ground, try making a shelf near the top of a wall which does not block your passageway. You can keep items there that you usually don’t use.

These tips are just 3 of the many methods to make your room look bigger. If you want to know more, keep following us for tips like this! We hope our tips have solved your headache and if you need more assistance, do visit our showrooms to let our experts advice you!

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