Must Have Furniture in 2018 – Basic Edition (Living Room)

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Must Have Furniture in 2018 – Basic Edition (Living Room)

2018 Furniture Basic Edition

It’s 2018 and you might be wondering if there’s even a need on advocating the importance of having the basic furniture for one’s home. Are there still people who don’t know what kind of basic furniture they need?

Do they not know that having this simple furniture essentials will liven up their home and improve their quality of living?

Let us recommend what we really think is essential in one’s home, especially the living room!

TV Console
The younger generation are forsaking this antique, and moving on to their smaller screens or handheld devices for their source of entertainment. However, let’s not forget the older generations who prefer to sit back and relax in front of the TV after dinner. The TV also helps to entertain your guests when they come over. The sight of messy wires might hinder one’s TV experience, and that’s where your TV console comes in. It can come short, or tall, but it supports your TV perfectly while hiding those wires and acting as a storage for your miscellaneous stuff.

Behind the TV console always sits a coffee table. They compliment each other, and it’s usually short, but super reliable for holding your snacks, drinks and like its name suggest, coffee. It ensures that you eat in peace with a sturdy support. It also come with storage, or spaces beautiful enough to place your magazines and remote control. Pair it with a carpet to boost its elegance!

SOFA 2+3
After the coffee table, comes the sofa which everyone loves. Usually relaxing in a corner or back of the living room, it comes in various length to accommodate the number of people, with 2 and 3 seaters etc. There’s even an L-shaped sofa in the event that one prefers to get a one piece instead of 2 separate furniture. A quality one really works wonder, alleviating your stressful body after a tiring day at work. There are even some material which comprises of breathable material, to ensure cool-ness from your constant sitting.

dining set
As much as Singaporeans love dining out, eating in the comfort of your home still has that feeling of warmth which you’d definitely miss when you go overseas. That is because your dining table is where you dine with your family and friends, where you bond with the people you treasure, and where you share about the happenings of your life while enjoying a hearty meal. A dining set usually stand tall and attract a lot of attention, hence it is important to select one that matches your interior while ensuring enough space for your usual amount of diners. There are some dining table that can extend to fit more diners, which is a beautiful invention to maximise space!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you haven’t already gotten these furniture yet, do visit our showrooms to get it now!

Stay tuned for our next posts on our Children Edition and Space Saving Edition.

See you!