Hungry Ghost Festival – To Buy Or Not To Buy (Furniture)?

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July 28, 2018
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Hungry Ghost Festival – To Buy Or Not To Buy (Furniture)?


Zhong Yuan Jie (中元节) or the Hungry Ghost Festival, as what many people have come to call it, falls on the 15th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, which means tomorrow (25th August of the western calendar). In Singapore, the festival is observed throughout the entire seventh lunar month and during this period, many Chinese worships their ancestors with food, joss sticks, paper money and also other offerings to wandering souls that roam the earth. There are also celebratory and boisterous performances known as the Getai (歌台), to entertain the spirits and also people.

Apart from the positive notions, there are also many precautions and beliefs during this period. Such precautions include respecting the roadside offerings by not kicking or stepping them, avoid going out late at night, or swimming during this period, and on a related note, to also avoid festive activities such as getting married, moving into your new house (or buying new furniture) during this period. Therefore on a related note, furniture retail stores tend to experience a dip in shoppers!

“But there’s a furniture sale this month! I really want that furniture piece but it’s the seventh month currently…”

Fret not! The belief that moving into your new house during this period might attract and invite wandering spirits to come and stay, and it MUST NOT be confused with the action of purchasing a new furniture! You may still shop at your favourite furniture store, and purchase that piece that you have always wanted, especially if it’s on sale now! Just let the staffs know of your preferred date of delivery, and here’s a tip for you! You can arrange for your furniture to arrive anytime after the 10 September of the western calendar, which also marks the end of the seventh month of the lunar calendar (八月初一). At Fullhouse Home Furnishings, we let you secure the deal first and deliver on a later date, as per your preference.

We hope this clarification has helped you to get the furniture you have been eyeing on.

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