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Houses in Singapore has been getting smaller. HDB has since then focused on improving the flat design in order to make your home appear bigger. That’s their responsibility, while home owners have a responsibility to ensure that their home furnishing choices do not end up cramping their precious space. So if you are one of them facing the headache of furniture selection, let us help you with 3 brilliant ways on how you can make
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October 19, 2017

Guide To Leather Furniture

For furniture lovers who are looking for furniture with lasting quality, leather is one of the materials that meet the requirement of being durable and colorful.  It is also a sound investment considering the average lifespan of the material. There is a popular belief that leather furniture is only for the wealthy and rich, but this is not true, the prices of leather furniture are becoming more affordable for the masses. Another popular misconception about
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As of this year, Singapore can’t get enough of Scandinavian design interiors, our fondness for Scandinavia’s natural finish and space functionality appeal popularly for our HDBs. To get that signature Scandinavian vibe, here’s how you can do so. 1. More sunlight isn’t always more Scandinavian homes do not have the tropic sunny weather that Singapore does. Having the 9 AM sun blazing through your bedroom windows will make the appearance look harsher, in turn, which
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